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312 Responses to “Fan Pictures”

  1. cool sarah T. you all are awesome if you listened to me about the cancer thing. i also found out a new trend at my school! they’re called
    Zip It. they are bags made from one reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllly long zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzipper. i have a B&W one, SO COOL!! a lot of people in ma school have them, i’m glad they’re not banned like the sillybands :( anyway see ya!

  2. btw, the girl with da bandz on da countet top has a lot! XDDDDD i don;t know how may she has, maybe more or less than me……… not sure.

  3. also. two of the people in the pictures are show offs, do you know who they are? (one is a girl and the other is a teen weird nerd dude what ev)

  4. i love mine i have 20145

  5. i love zany bandz. i dont have a lot but i keep on buying them

    i <3 zanyy bandzz

  6. Roger says:

    i love zany bandz but my school does not let us ware them

  7. Roger says:

    i have 500 zany bandz

  8. Roger says:

    i wish they had clear zany bandz

  9. Roger says:

    zany bandz are the best thing in the world

  10. Abby Rose says:

    hey this is Abby and when ever i click “Submit Picture” it says “error” so how do i get it to stop? P.S. anyone can answer.

  11. Ultimate Collecter says:

    i have every zanyband there is. i have necklaces, rings, and bracelets. I just finished counting, and have over a 1000! not including the rings or necklaces.

    DON’T BE JEALOUS!!!!!!


  12. admin says:

    Hey Abby. It should be working now. Thanks for letting us know. Looking forward to seeing your picture!

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