Welcome to the world of Zanybandz 2.0 and Launchettes!

Let us take you on an exciting journey full of fun and surprises.

We are looking for a group of 100 boys and girls (USA) only to be at the forefront of the Zanybandz 2.0 national launch.

If you think your child would like to be a Launchette and a part of our team …keep reading.

Each Launchette (100 boys and girls from various school districts), if selected, will receive up to three dozen packages of Zanybandz to pass out to their friends and classmates, absolutely free! If your child is enthusiastic, loves sharing exciting new products, and wants to be part of something big, your child may be the perfect Launchette.

Simply click on the “Launchette submission form” button below and fill out the requested information. If your child is chosen (approx 2-3 weeks) you will be notified by text that your child's launch package is on the way! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to visit our Contact Us page. Launchettes will receive 1 dozen packages at a time. Thanks, and get ready to be a part of the Zanybandz 2.0 revolution!

Launchette Submission Form